Sprinter Services

RIP Kit Installation

Word is out, the best upgrade for your van is an Agile Off-Road RIP Kit. We have installed Agile RIP kits on over 50 vehicles. No need to make a big trip for an install that can be done close to home.

Accessories Installation

We can install any aftermarket accessory such as: light bars, aftermarket bumpers, Agile Off-Road "no rub" front fenders, winches, skid plates, ARB on-board air, replacement seats, pedal boxes, aftermarket horns, tire racks, ladders, water tanks, WeBoost, Starlink, and more!

Fuel Tank Upgrades

Upgrade your Sprinter's fuel system and save trips to the gas station, relieve anxiety about making it to your next destination, and ensure your heater will make it through the night. We have experience installing Agile Off-Road, ACGB, S&B, and Owl Vans fuel tanks.

Solar and Auxiliary Power Installation

Solar panels give you the luxury of home while living in the wild. We have designed and installed solar on many different platforms. We can outfit solar on your vehicle to fit your exact needs.

If solar installation is overkill, an auxiliary battery system charged by your vehicle's alternator is a simple and cost-effective solution. Auxiliary batteries can expand your power capacity and even jump-start your vehicle when nobody else is around. We also offer additional or high-output alternator installation for people who have a serious demand for power.

Brake Upgrades

We can install bigger and better brakes on your Sprinter. Call us and we can go over the options for your rig.